Stars and Stripes Independence Day Celebration


Lake Isabella, CA 93240



Organized by

Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce
6414 Lake Isabella Blvd. - Suite D
PO Box 567
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

Celebrate Independence Day at the Stars and Stripes Independence Day Celebration in Lake Isabella, CA!

Get ready to ignite your patriotic spirit and embrace the joyous atmosphere as Lake Isabella, CA, hosts the highly anticipated Stars and Stripes Independence Day Celebration. Organized by the Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce and fueled by generous community donations, this spectacular event promises an unforgettable evening with a breathtaking fireworks display. Mark your calendars for July 1st and join us at Engineer Point near the Auxiliary Dam for an evening that celebrates the spirit of freedom and unity.

Fireworks Extravaganza

At approximately 9:30 PM on July 1st, the night sky above Lake Isabella will be ablaze with the brilliance of fireworks as they burst forth from Engineer Point near the Auxiliary Dam. The awe-inspiring display will paint the heavens with vibrant colors and dazzling patterns, creating a visual masterpiece that will leave spectators in awe. Please note that the start time may be subject to change due to safety precautions regarding wind conditions. The safety of attendees is of paramount importance, and any necessary delays will ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all.

Fireworks, Fire Restrictions, and Safety

It’s essential to be aware that fireworks are prohibited in Sequoia National Forest, including the areas surrounding Lake Isabella. Additionally, fire restrictions are in place, which apply to campfires and any open flames. These measures are implemented to prevent the risk of wildfires and ensure the safety of tourists, campers, and the natural environment.

The Stars and Stripes Independence Day Celebration adheres strictly to these regulations and provides a controlled and safe environment for attendees to enjoy the fireworks display. It’s important for visitors and campers to respect and comply with the fire restrictions in place to maintain the pristine beauty of the surroundings and mitigate the risk of wildfires.

Community Support

The Stars and Stripes Independence Day Celebration is made possible thanks to the unwavering support of the Kern River Valley community. The Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce, along with dedicated volunteers, works tirelessly to organize this event and bring the community together in celebration of the nation’s independence. The event is funded through generous donations from local businesses, organizations, and individuals who believe in fostering a sense of unity and patriotism within Lake Isabella. Their contributions make this event a true testament to the spirit and generosity of the community.

Join Us at Lake Isabella

As the Stars and Stripes Independence Day Celebration approaches, make sure to gather your loved ones and head to Lake Isabella on July 1st. Witness the sky come alive with a stunning fireworks display, celebrate the spirit of independence, and connect with the vibrant community of Kern River Valley. Remember to arrive early to secure the best viewing spots, bring your blankets and lawn chairs, and prepare to be captivated by the splendor of this patriotic extravaganza.

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