Paint for Tom!



22 Tobias St.
Kernville, CA 93238



Organized by

Love Inspired Studios

Class Sign-up: $40

Join us Wednesday, December 8th at The Kernville Saloon for a fundraiser paint class to help raise money for Tom Beaton! Tom has been battling cancer. 100% of the proceeds will be directly donating to Tom to help with medical expenses.

A lot of people know Tom Beaton either from growing up with him, from his many years as a AAA tow truck driver from Kernville Garage or more recently from working security at the Kernville Saloon and several local events. What most people don’t know is He was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. It’s not easy for a guy like him to ask for help so I will. I am hoping to raise some funds to help him with the expenses of having to go back and forth to treatments and normal everyday expenses, Thank you for your time and thank you for your help. ~ Dawn Walker

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