The Great Kern River Cleanup


SR. 178
Bakersfield, CA 93306


Due to Covid-19, we will keep following CDC protocol for outdoor recreation and gathering guidelines.

The Great Kern River Cleanup is the premier volunteer event focused on removing trash and restoring the health of the Mighty Kern throughout Sequoia National Forest. This cleanup is an annual event coordinated by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and this statewide effort—coordinated by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, in conjunction with California Coastal Cleanup Day —serves to promote good stewardship on all of our waterways, from the source at 14,000ft., to the sea, the Pacific Ocean.

Hundreds of community groups have spread across 22 counties and over 2,200 river miles to pull appliances, cigarette butts, beverage cans, baby diapers, tires, furniture, and more from the rivers and streams that supply the State of California with more than 60 percent of its water.

It’s about bringing together families, neighbors, visitors and friends in a gorgeous setting to accomplish something significant and worthwhile on behalf of our environment. By volunteering, you will contribute to extricating the next 100 tons of trash from our precious waterways that provide clean water to visitors and Californians alike.

The Cleanup kicks off Sierra Nevada Watershed Protection Week, established in 2015 to highlight the importance of the Sierra Nevada Region to the entire state. More than 60% of California’s developed water supply originates in the Sierra Nevada and millions of visitors travel to the Sierra to hike, camp, and sightsee. Whether you think of Tahoe, Yosemite, Mammoth, or the Giant Sequoias — the Sierra connects us all.

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