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What: Essential Worker Appreciation Week.

When: Mon. April 13 - 17.

Where: All around the Kern River Valley.

Why: The same people who are keeping the world going right now are also the most exposed to the virus and, instead of being thanked for what they do, too often they are yelled at for store policies that help prevent hoarding or having customers verbally or physically assault them.

How: On the corresponding day of the week, bring in a thank you card, flyer, poster, or whatever you come up to hang on a wall or in a window to let the employees know that they are appreciated. And, while we’re at it, let’s all try to be decent human beings to each other.

Each day of the week, let’s make extra effort to appreciate the work and sacrifices of our friends, family, and neighbors. Go out of your way to show them gratitude and to not make their jobs any more difficult or stressful than they need to be. Just that we’re trying to avoid putting them in any more risk of being infected. Businesses may want to have a pin board or designated place for cards so that employees do not have things handed to them, putting them at risk and distracting them from their job.

You may also share photos, stories, and other forms of showing appreciation on social networks, but please do so in a way that makes your post visible to the employees you are thanking.

Note: The entire work week from April 13 - 17 is for appreciating essential workers of all kinds. The days highlighting particular categories are special attention being given to those who experience cruelty and abuse instead of gratitude.

By no means should the omission of any group or category be taken as a lack of appreciation or recognition. It is just not possible to be specific enough to focus on a distinct category while also being generic enough to cover everything.

  • Mon. (4/13): Grocery & Convenience Stores Workers
  • Tue. (4/14): Food Industry Workers
  • Wed. (4/15): Customer Service Employees
  • Thu. (4/16): Public Safety
  • Fri. (4/17): Medical & Pharmacy Workers

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