Horror House Challenge


5981 Wofford Blvd/
Wofford Heights, CA 93285



Organized by

Killer Kern Ghosts & Legends, LLC


FREE 1st Annual KRV Haunt (Haunted House/Maze) Competition!

WARNING! Not suitable for all ages. Visitor discretion advised. These deliciously disturbing ground & mobile haunt entries will unleash your deepest terrors!

  • No contact walk thru
  • Expect to be scared
  • Flashlight recommended.

Trick-or-Treaters: Come check out our FREE haunted escape attraction on October 31 from 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m!

Individually sealed candy handed out while supplies last. Set up your own scary Halloween display on our lot! Enter to win the competition for scariest! Use EZ-ups or other walls, haul it in on a flatbed or trailer, etc. or just show up in your costume & scare people in the walk zone. For registration forms, go to Facebook.

p.s. Liability waiver required for entry.

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